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ANYONE can drop in to ANY of our FC Bootcamp, Yoga, Spinning, BarreFit, CrossFit or Barbell classes for just $13! Click >>> to sign up and register for your class!


FC is our original fitness offering, our beginnings! 

At FC we offer bootcamp style group fitness classes that can be modified to any level, guarantee you a well rounded fitness routine and get you having fun!

At FC the class is the same throughout the day, but every day is a different workout focused on a different format; HIIT, Bootcamp, Strength or Endurance! Your trainers are always there to keep you safe and push you and keep the class on track!

 At FC you're never 100% sure what you're going to get when you walk in the door, but no questions asked, you're sure to get SWEATY!

Membership Options
$140 for Intro 6 Week Challenge! - SIGN UP
$125/Month - SIGN UP
$1,200/Year - SIGN UP

The Studio

The Studio is where we embrace the sweat and the stretch! 

The Studio offers several types of yoga, BarreFit and spin classes. Whether you want a relaxing, gentle yoga practice or a spin and strength combo to get you moving and kick your butt, you can find it in The Studio!

There is so much variety in The Studio schedule that you could easily hit two workouts a day! Spin in the morning, yoga in the evening? Go for it!

If a low impact but high variety workout routine is what you're looking for, a membership at The Studio may be exactly what you need!

Membership Options
$140 for Intro 6 Week Challenge! - SIGN UP
$125/Month - SIGN UP
$1,200/Year - SIGN UP

Back Room CrossFit

Back Room CrossFit;
 Nothing Fancy, Just Fitness 
Our Back Room CrossFit offers fundamentals, CrossFit and olympic barbell classes as well as open gym weightlifting. If you're an experienced athlete, you are more than welcome to jump in to our CrossFit & barbell classes or work out on your own time utilizing one of our posted workouts or one of your own!

New to the game? Awesome! Our fundamentals classes are there just for you! Our trainers will work with you through a CrossFit format class so you get familiar with the style while teaching you building block movements. Fundamentals is here to make sure you start with a strong foundation and keep yourself safe!

Membership Options
$140 for Intro 6 Week Challenge! - SIGN UP
$125/Month - SIGN UP
$1,200/Year - SIGN UP


Universal membership gets you access to ALL of our fitness offerings! 
It will include unlimited access to all classes in FC, The Studio and Back Room CrossFit 
as well as open weightlifting access from 5am-9pm Monday-Friday and 8-12pm on Saturdays!
You will never get bored with our Universal membership! You can keep your routine fresh and fun by switching it up 
between heart pumping workouts, relaxing yoga and strength building barbell, or whatever works best for you!

Membership Options
$165 for Intro 6 Week Challenge! - SIGN UP
$150/Month - SIGN UP
$1,500/Year - SIGN UP

Want to Try a Class?! Drop In!

ANYONE can drop in to ANY of our FC Bootcamp, Yoga, Spinning, BarreFit, Steel Mace, Fundamentals or Barbell classes for just $13!
Click below to sign up and register for your class!

Interested in a Fitness Coliseum Orientation?

Did you just sign up for a membership? Or are just interested in learning more about what Fitness Coliseum has for you, we can do that! Schedule an orientation appointment with us to get all your questions answered!

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6 Week Challenge
FC/Studio/CrossFit $140
Universal $165
Click the area below you would like to join to get started!
Our 6 week challenge is the best way to kick off your journey at Fitness Coliseum. You can start at any time, you do not have to wait for a big group program(which we do about 5x per year).

The 6 week program includes beginning and ending body composition scans, a nutrition guide to help you make food choices that support your new healthy lifestyle, unlimited classes at either FC, The Studio or CrossFit, which we encourage you to hit at least 3x per week, and personal accountability coaching to keep you on track towards your goals!

If you want even MORE variety you can chose the MEGA 6 Week Challenge which allows you access to classes in all 3 entities for just $20 more!
Monthly Membership
FC/Studio/CrossFit $125/month
Universal $150/month
Click the area below you would like to join to get started!
You can be a monthly member at FC, The Studio, Back Room CrossFit or get a Mega Monthly membership to have access to all three!

With a monthly membership, no matter which entity you chose, you get unlimited access to scheduled classes, an accountability coach to keep you on track, and can keep up with your body composition scans to track your progress every 8 weeks. 

Monthly memberships, are just that, month to month. You will set up a card on file and your membership will recur each month until you chose to cancel. 

As a monthly member you'll truly be a part of our FitFam and be included in all of our events, internal challenges and other fun stuff!
Yearly Membership
FC/Studio/CrossFit $1,200/year
Universal $1,500/year
Click the area below you would like to join to get started!
If you're ready to really commit to your health and fitness, our yearly membership is for you!

As a yearly member you get all the perks! Chose FC, The Studio, Back Room CrossFit or get a Mega yearly membership to have access to all three! 

Your yearly membership gets you unlimited access to all scheduled classes, an accountability coach to keep you on track, and can keep up with your body composition scans to track your progress every 8 weeks. 

You can start a yearly membership any time and can chose to pay in one or two installments(3 months apart). Our yearly membership gets you the lowest cost unlimited access to Fitness Coliseum!
Drop In
FC/Studio/CrossFit $13/class

Click the area below you would like to drop in to get started!
Looking to just try out a few different classes? In Owosso visiting family or on a work trip? Drop In with us!

Utilize the links above to pay for and schedule a drop in at FC, The Studio or Back Room CrossFit! You may always drop in to FC or Studio classes at any time, no experience necessary. You may also drop into Fundamentals @ The Box, no experience necessary. If you are an experienced athlete and would like to drop in to Functional or Barbell use the "Message Us" button below and we can get you all set up!

We love seeing new faces at the gym! We ask that for your first class especially, try to arrive to Fitness Coliseum about 10 minutes before class time to get checked in and take a quick tour!

Not sure which to choose? Want to talk to someone first? Message us!
Our team is AWESOME! And we're here for YOU!
The Fitness Coliseum Team
Bri Carroll
Owner & Coach
Hi Guys! I am Bri, Owner here at Fitness Coliseum. I absolutely LOVE what we do here. I love helping people find their confidence, improve their health and make themselves a priority. I am so honored to be a part of so many amazing people's lives through Fitness Coliseum.

A little about me...I was born and raised just down the road in Ovid-Elsie. I moved on to Michigan State University, GO GREEN, where I earned by bachelor's degree in Dietetics. I then headed to the sunshine state for my dietetic internship at the Bay Pines VA Healthcare Center. I  am a Level one CrossFit coach and began training and teaching fitness classes during my time at MSU and coached at several gyms before finding my place at Fitness Coliseum

When I'm not at the gym you can find me spending time with my family, friends, boyfriend or traveling. Get ready for plenty of stories involving my crazy siblings, adorable nephews and niece, awesome dad and goofball of a boyfriend! I am also known to book a plane ticket on a moments notice if I have the chance. 

If there is anything you would like to know, feel free to ask! I am an open book and love to talk :)
Lauren Bukovcik
Bootcamp @ FC
Spinning @ The Studio
Lauren was born and raised in Ovid-Elsie where she currently lives with her husband Gavin and tiny dog Goose. Lauren works full time as a cosmetologist in addition to her training at FC. She, like Bri, is close with her family and loves to travel (kinda makes sense that they're best friends). 

Lauren has been training at FC since 2018. She loves helping people reach their fitness goals, and she will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. You can find Lauren in the early morning FC classes as well as on the bikes in the studio!

*ACSM Personal Trainer & Cycling Instructor*
Bryce Dolan
Bootcamp @ FC
Bryce is the young gun of the FC team! Bryce found his passion for athletics as a stand out high school football player and has been training at FC since June of 2020, after his freshman year of college. He will cheer you on, make you laugh and get you a great workout all at the same time!

Bryce grew up in Ovid-Elsie and  is currently a student at Michigan State, GO GREEN! He is close with his two families and has 5 younger brothers and sisters that we works hard to set a good example for. When not in the gym, Bryce enjoys playing basketball, football and lacrosse. He also loves spending time with his friends and family. 

*NASM Certified Personal Trainer*
Lindsey Reha
Gym Manager & Accountability Coach
Lindsey is the key to keeping FC running smoothly! Not only will you find her at the front desk checking members in, answering all your questions and running around keeping the gym spic and span,  she also keeps our member website up to date with weekly recipes and at home workouts. She is also a caring and supportive accountability coach for many of our members & loves to send inspirational quotes and thoughts to get them through the weeks

Lindsey loves finding new recipes to keep her healthy diet interesting and keep that sweet tooth in check! Lindsey is from Ovid-Elsie as well and is "Mom" to two beautiful kiddos. 
Christe Jahn
Fundamentals, CrossFit & Barbell
Yoga @ The Studio
Christie is a strong and multi talented coach! Christie loves CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting and has competed and coached both. She also runs a program called Faith and Fitness that she is passionate about.  

Not only is Christie a badass in the gym, she's pretty cool in her personal life to! She is happily married and is the mother to 4 awesome(mostly grown up) kiddos.
Her and her husband Jay run their own homestead right here in Shiawassee County, including chickens and  goats! Christie also lends her talents to Shiawassee Spinal Chiropractic and teaches PE at a local christian school Spring Vale Academy.

*CrossFit Level-1 Trainer*
Cheryl Stevenson
Yoga @ The Studio
Cheryl is our quirky, fun, always joyful yoga specialist! You can be sure a class with Cheryl will get you working hard, but also get you listening to your body. She is all about connecting the movement and the breath to get the most out of your practice. She has been teaching since 2015 and has built an amazing following of local yogi's.

You can also find Cheryl out in the community teaching Yoga by the River with The Friends of the Shiawassee River and running local races! She loves spending time with her family, especially who daughter who is currently engaged! Outside of the studio she enjoys watching movies and drinking coffee. 

*YogaFit Level 1 Certified Instructor*

Trina Henne
Barre @ The Studio
Trina Henne is our BarreFit badass!
Trina's BarreFit classes combine low impact, fun, rhythm based moments to help you build strength and work up a serious sweat! 
 Trina has taught Barre all around Owosso and we are so lucky to be her home base! 

Outside of the gym Trina is Mom to two wonderful boys and is a middle school teacher at Laingsburg Public Schools as well as the middle school athletic director. Trina loves spending her summers off traveling in Northern Michigan and enjoying the sunshine. 

*BarreFit Certified Instructor* 
McKenna Purves
Fundamentals & CrossFit
McKenna comes to us with 3 years of CrossFit coaching experience. She fell in love with CrossFit in high school. She loved the community and knew she wanted to help others progress towards their fitness goals like her coaches had done for her. 

McKenna grew up in Detroit and now lives in Lansing. She is happy that her family lives near her now and gets to spend plenty of time with them. She works full time at MSU and has been there for 2 years. Outside of work and the gym she loves to travel and kayak.

* CrossFit Level-1 Trainer*
Jill Frieling
Yoga @ The Studio
Jill loved fitness her whole life but didn't get into teaching until her "real" job ended and she hasn't looked back. She loves teaching yoga and helping people listen to their bodies. 

Jill is happily married with 3 grown kiddos and 2 dogs. When not in the studio she enjoys refinishing furniture and gardening.

*YogaFit Certified Level 2 Instructor*
Johanna Stankevich
Bootcamp @ FC
"Jo" grew up in a small town and found her passion and skill for fitness in high school as a track and cross country athlete. She then began running half marathons and marathons, until she found weightlifting during her second tour of duty as a MP in Afghanistan. She new after leaving the military she wanted to be a trainer and has been doing just that since 2018.

Outside the gym she enjoys gardening, tending her chickens and spending as much time as possible with her husband and 2 step kids.

*ISSA Certified Personal Trainer*

Casey Lambert aka Chewy
Casey has been a USAW weightlifting coach for 4 years, coaching the Blackhearts Barbell team out of his barn and then the back room of FC. He actively competes in olympic weightlifting himself and currently holds a Guiness World Record for weightlifting! 

Casey has lived in Shiawassee country for 9 years and currently lives in Owosso with his cats, Freedom & Independence, who run his household. He enjoys traveling, woodworking and collecting motorcycles. He also is pretty good in the kitchen and loves to meal prep with friends on Sundays.

*USAW Certified Weightlifting Coach*
Missy Dora
Bootcamp @ FC
Missy (actually, Melissa, but she probably won't answer to it) is from Durand, MI. She go into training at FC back in 2015 after spending 10 years in the medical field as a lab tech. She loves being a coach and fitness is a huge part of her identity. She recently completed the 75 hard challenge!

Outside of the gym Missy loves being with her family and spending time outdoors. Missy surrounds herself with good vibes, good music, good food, and good company. You can always find her having a good time!

*NASM Certified Personal Trainer*
Brad Kirkland
Fundamentals & CrossFit
Brad grew up in Metro Detroit and moved to Owosso in 2010 after marrying his lovely wife Amy. He has always been involved in fitness, starting in competitive swimming, then triathlons. He started CrossFit 3 years ago and was instantly hooked. He loves to challenge himself and learn new skills and can't wait to help his athletes do the same as a coach. 

Outside of work and the gym Brad enjoys "wasting" his time watching way too much college football!

*CrossFit Level-1 Trainer*
Sarah Holmes
Spin @ The Studio
Sarah was born and raised in Owosso. She has been married for 20 years, has 4 kids, 6 grand kids and works full time at MSU. She is also a proud dog mom, and BUSY hockey mom!

Sarah was inspired to teach spin because of her first, amazing spin instructor. She has been taking classes for over 12 years and teaching all around Owosso and Lansing for the past 3 years. Sarah loves that spinning is something that anyone can do and that you can make the workout yours, even though you are part of a class.

*Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor*
Taylor DeLong
Spin  @ The Studio
Taylor has been taking spin classes for years, starting with our very own Sarah Holmes! Taylor recently moved back to Owosso and teaches cycling at Fitness Coliseum at the YMCA! See her on Wednesdays and Fridays at the 5pm Spin Class!

Outside of the gym Taylor is a proud dog mom! She enjoys spending time with her friends hitting up vintage markets!

*Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor*
Doni Bukovcik
BarreFit  @ The Studio
Doni has always been a passionate fitness-er! She has dabbled in CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, bootcamp classes, but has now found her true love, BarreFit!
She got hooked after taking classes with Coach Trina and new she wanted to get certified! She now offers a more traditional barre class focused on strength! 

Outside of the gym Doni is also raising a string daughter, who competes nationally as a high school wrestler!

*Certified BarreFit  Instructor*

If you asked Mollie where she is from, it’s a loaded question because she is a traveler! Mollie is Michigan born and lived in Houghton Lake until she was 9. At that age, her family moved down to East Tennessee where she lived until she graduated high school. Not too long after, Mollie met her now husband at their first CrossFit gym in 2014. He joined the Marine Corps and they where shipped to Hawaii for 4 wonderful years. After a short period in Chicago, Mollie is back in Michigan to be closer to her family.

Mollie is a Registered Dietitian (RD), earning her bachelor’s in Dietetics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and completed her dietetic internship at the Edward Hines VA Hospital in Chicago.  Mollie is continuing her education at the Institute for Functional Medicine and is a fellow at Wild Health/Crossfit Precison Care.  Mollie believes exercise and nutrition are the key to increases your health span. If you want to know more, she will gladly answer any questions with a big smile

*CrossFit Level 1 Trainer*
Fitness. Community. Family.
Beyond The Gym


Fitness Coliseum is working with the Friends of the Shiawassee River, the SRCC and the SEDP to bring you, the Shi~Tri!
The Shi~Tri 2022 was the 2nd Annual Shiawassee River Triathlon and we're continuing to get bigger and better!! RUN, PADDLE and RIDE through Owosso to complete this unique and amazing event! 

The mission of the Shi-Tri is to encourage enjoyment of the Shiawassee River, promote community fitness and to create a state-wide, destination event, right here in Owosso! The Friends of the Shiawassee River will receive a large portion of the event proceeds to continue their work promoting the care and enjoyment of The Shiawassee River.  

Find more info on the Shi~Tri at www.shi-tri.com. 

Reps to Raise Your Voice

Reps to Raise Your Voice was our first charity Rep-a-thon! We were able to raise over $6,000 for the Child Advocacy Center through local businesses sponsoring over 50,000 reps! participants then joined us to "put in the work" for our community and completed those reps in just over an hour! Over 50,000 reps of burpees, squats, sit ups and step ups were completed by an amazing group of people! We can't wait to repeat this event next year!

100 Mile Charity Challenge

Fitness Coliseum has hosted two 100 Mile Charity Challenges in 2019 and 2020.
The 100 Mile Charity Challenge aims to get the people of our community MOVING and getting healthy, together, while supporting a local organization doing good works in our community. Each year our awesome members will nominate our beneficiary organization. They support us daily and we want to support the organizations that are close to their hearts. Participants in the 100 Mile Charity Challenge sign up and pledge to walk/run 100 Miles in the month of September and all proceeds go to the nominated organization.
In September 2019, we were able to donate $3,670 to The Child Advocacy Center!
In May 2020, we were able to donate over $4,000 to the United Way Shiawassee COVID-19 Relief Fund

Fitness Coliseum Contact Info
Phone: 989-472-1913

Email: info@fitnesscoliseum.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thefitnesscoliseum

Instagram: @FitnessColiseum1

FUTURE Address: 210 S Water St, Owosso

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