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FC Bootcamp is our original fitness offering, our beginnings! 

At FC we offer bootcamp style group fitness classes that can be modified to any level, guarantee you a well rounded fitness routine and get you having fun!

At FC the class is the same throughout the day, but every day is a different workout focused on a different format; HIIT, Bootcamp, Strength or Endurance! Your trainers are always there to keep you safe and push you and keep the class on track!

 At FC you're never 100% sure what you're going to get when you walk in the door, but no questions asked, you're sure to get SWEATY!
6 Week Challenge
$140/ 6 Week Intro Offer
Click HERE to get started!
Our 6 week challenge is the best way to kick off your journey at FC. You can start at any time, you do not have to wait for a big group program(which we do about 5x per year).

The 6 week program includes beginning and ending body composition scans, a nutrition guide to help you make food choices that support your new healthy lifestyle, unlimited classes at FC Bootcamp, which we encourage you to hit at least 3x per week, and personal accountability coaching to keep you on track towards your goals!

If you want even MORE variety you can chose the Universal 6 Week Challenge which allows you access to classes in all 3 entities for just $20 more!
Monthly Membership
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You can be a monthly member at FC to keep your healthy lifestyle going!

With a monthly membership you get unlimited access to scheduled classes, an accountability coach to keep you on track, and can keep up with your body composition scans to track your progress every 8 weeks. 

Monthly memberships, are just that, month to month. You will set up a card on file and your membership will recur each month until you chose to cancel. 

As a monthly member you'll truly be a part of our FitFam and be included in all of our events, internal challenges and other fun stuff!
Yearly Membership
Click HERE here to get started!
If you're ready to really commit to your health and fitness, our yearly membership is for you!

As a yearly member you get all the perks at the lowest per month cost!

Your yearly membership gets you unlimited access to all scheduled classes, an accountability coach to keep you on track, and can keep up with your body composition scans to track your progress every 8 weeks. 

You can start a yearly membership any time and can chose to pay in one or two installments(3 months apart). Our yearly membership gets you the lowest cost unlimited access to Fitness Coliseum!
Drop In
Click HERE  to get started!
Looking to just try out a few different classes? In Owosso visiting family or on a work trip? Drop In with us!

Utilize the link above to pay for and schedule a drop in at FC. FC Bootcamp drop ins are open to all fitness levels, no experience necessary! 

We love seeing new faces at the gym! We ask that for your first class especially, try to arrive to Fitness Coliseum about 10 minutes before class time to get checked in and take a quick tour!

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